Canaan Renewal

During the summer of 2014, The Hoskins family, together with a group from Mission Point Community Church, went to Canaan Haiti for the first time. The goal was simple: Serve a community of people who were identified as some of the poorest individuals in the 2nd poorest country in the world.


Canaan Haiti has been called a “slum” of Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti. Canaan sits 6.5 miles north of the PAP airport in a dry and very hot section of mountains. There is no running water, hospital, and any electricity comes from generators - which require fuel. Why would anyone choose to live here?


No choice.


Canaan had less than a few thousand inhabitants prior to the January 2010 earthquakes that devastated the capital city of Haiti, killing more than 250,000 people in a single day. The entire city was in ruins. People began to walk toward the mountain, carrying their possessions with them, in hopes of finding relief from the chaos and wreckage that was their homes.


Today, more than 300,000 people call Canaan home. The residents have built homes out of metal, stone, and bricks as they move on from one of the most horrific events in modern history. These people are strong, courageous, hopeful, and love visitors who see them as friends. Relationship, and serving one another is the very foundation and heart of this community.


August 2014 - First trip to Canaan Haiti
November 2014 - Tent structure established & beginning of Kids’ Club activities

January 2015 - Plans to build a school/church begin 
June 2015 - The school building project begins
September 2015 - First day of school - 50+ children, uniforms, and 3 teachers
November 2015 - Plans to add onto the school begin

January 2016 - Phase 2 of the school begins
February 2016 - The first set of weddings (6 couples) take place at the church/school
June 2016 - The first graduation (Kindergarten, 1st, etc) celebrations!
September 2016 - School Year 2 begins with more than 100 students & 8 teachers.

February 2017 - The 2nd set of weddings take place (4 couples) in Canaan.
June 2017 - Graduation Time!
August 2017 - Phase 3 of the school begins
September 2017 - School Year 3 begins with 175+ students and 11 teachers

February 2018 - Wedding Time (5 Couples) in Canaan. 
June 2018 - Graduation Celebrations
September 2018 - More than 240 students & 18 teachers/staff for the new school year!

2019 & Beyond - We need YOU & your SUPPORT

Current Projects

 1. Purchase of a proper generator to support the school ($30,000 - one time expense)
2. Feeding programs to ensure each child receives one meal per day ($2,900 per month)
3. Annual School Uniforms, Books, & Supplies ($6,200 - annual expense)
4. Wedding Dress donations for brides in Canaan that cannot afford their own.
5. Additional classrooms & Library construction ($11,000 - one time expense)

Your generosity knows NO LIMITS! Thank you so very much.